Frequently Asked Questions

Practices (3)

Do I need to be a member in order to attend a practice?

No!  Membership is not required.  Our program is open to all runners and we do not have any attendance requirements.  Come join us whenever you can.

Where & when do you practice?

We practice at various locations throughout the year to include, Peck Farm, Fermi Lab, Rotolo Middle School, the Batavia windmill, and various local forest preserves. The practice schedule and locations are on the Accelerators’ website under “practice schedule” or, for more up-to-the-minute info, check the Accelerators Facebook page.

Practice is offered more or less every day including weekends. Exceptions for various holidays, weather, and emergencies; always check our Facebook page to be sure. Lightning halts practice. Plain old rain doesn’t (usually.)

Can I come to a few of your practices and try them out?

By all means stop by and join in for the day. We are informal and have no attendance policy nor any fees.   We always look forward to new runners showing up.

Membership (3)

Is there a membership fee to become an Accelerator?

No! Our program is free and open to all runners.  In the Fall, our team will run in a few cross country meets which will require each runner to pay for their own registration fee (usually around $6.00).

Who is eligible to join the Accelerators?

All kids through high school age are welcome to join. All abilities and special abilities are welcome.

Do I have to live in Batavia to join?

Nope. Wherever you live is fine.


Do you offer any winter training programs?

The Accelerators Running Club is year round program. Most of the year we offer practices/events 6-7 days/week. During the winter months we offer 4-5 days/week; we try to be on an indoor track once a week and this year we are looking to doing some cross training indoors. During the winter, we work to maintain fitness and work on running form with some speed work.

Are there any attendance requirements or expectations?

No!  We have no attendance policy nor any fees.  We have families that participate anywhere from twice a week to nearly everyday. We know that every family has other commitments but we always look forward to having the kids come out.

Our cousins are visiting; can we bring them?

Of course! That’s how we roll!

Do the parents typically just wait around while the kids practice?

Some do. Some don’t. Many of our parents choose to walk or use the time to take their own run, or sometimes even run with their kids, depending on what we’re doing that day.

Do you have races?

We have races frequently. Some are small weekly gauges of personal growth and progress. Some are larger all-comer events for our team and whoever wishes to come and run. Some are large Team-sponsored cross country meets against other local teams (such as Elgin, Rockford, Belviedere, or Joliet.) See the “Races” tab on this website.

Does an Accelerator have to race?

No. We want every runner to perform as they feel comfortable.

If you have other questions, please contact us!

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