Weather and Participation Policies

Weather Policy:

Every attempt will be made to announce cancellation of practice a half hour in advance. Announcements will be done via Facebook posting (Accelerators Running Club) which will also appear on the main web page ( – may have to refresh the web page.

  • Lightning: no practice when lightning is present.
  • Rain: we will run in the rain as long as the temperature is greater than 50F. The threshold increases as the intensity of rain. Drizzle/mist 50F to driving rain 55F.
  • Snow/Ice: if road conditions are bad, no practice. We will run on snow paths (it is a good workout); icy paths will require a coach to check out the paths ahead of time to decide upon cancellation.
  • Cold: practice can be cancelled if the predicted wind chill is less than 15F. (The threshold has been known to go lower as a cold snap is extended.)
  • Heat: workouts are shortened/adjusted for heat/humidity.

Participation Policy:

Anybody can participate in practices. The only requirement is that each person tries to do what the coaches ask of them. Here is the summary of non-practice participation policies:

  • Accelerators All-Comer Track Meets, Summer Cross Country Series, and Mile Race Series: these events are open to everyone (parents included) with the exception of high school athletes during the official cross country or track season (IHSA rule).
  • Local Fall Club Cross Country Meets(October/November): there are entry fees paid by the runner with the exception of the Accelerators’ home meet —
    • Elementary, home school students, and parents – all are welcome;
    • Middle school athletes – welcome as long as not in conflict with school team event; and
    • High school athletes – welcome after high school season is complete.
  • Cross Country Coaches Nationals Youth Championships (ages 4-18): participating in as many practices as possible after the local club and school seasons is highly encouraged AND
    • Elementary school athletes – participate in at least 2 local club meets in October and at least one weekend practice/time trial in November.
    • Middle school athletes — participate in at least 1 local club meet after the middle school season has ended in October and at least one weekend practice/time trial in November.
    • High school athletes – participate in at least one weekend practice/time trial in November or compete in the high school post season (Illinois State Meet and Nike Midwest Regional).
  • Road Races and Charity/Fundraiser Events:
    • Participation – the Accelerators do not have any requirements/restrictions; please let the coaches know of upcoming participation and afterward the results.
    • Promotion – there are many great runs/races as well as great charities/fundraisers. The Accelerators will promote/pass along event information if one of the following is true:
      • an Accelerator family is very involved with organizing the event;
      • it is a Fox River Trail Runners event; or
      • the cost is less than $20.
  • USA Track & Field Events: the Accelerators are registered as a USATF club; athletes can compete as Accelerators or unattached. Please let coaches know of your planned participation and results.

If you have other questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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